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New talents: Welcome to Lille Region!

19 sept. 2013 | La région en mouvement

Schools that shine drive international appeal—students speak up

Lille Region is hosting an International Week for the fifth consecutive year that will run from October 7 to 11. Organized by the Regional Council, this global event brings together business partners and other key players to highlight the many resources in Northern France and promote networking. Nord France Invest will be on hand with a special session entitled “Schools that shine—and drive our region’s international appeal” on October 11.

Behind the event is NFI’s conviction that local authorities and businesses in Northern France can draw on a full range of resources—often overlooked—to expand their operations. Among them: a host of foreign students and the international presence of schools and universities in the region.

To define areas for future cooperation between "schools that shine" and regional entities, Nord France Invest and the regional council of Northern France are thus staging a "lab éphémère" or collective  brainstorming session.

Coordinated by prominent schools and universities (Lille 1, EDHEC Business School, IEP Lille, ENSIAME Valenciennes and RUBIKA), this interactive morning event will bring new ideas into the spotlight: how can we make foreign students in our region feel more welcome—and help them fit in? How can we maintain long-term connections to them? How can we help businesses hire more candidates with international profiles? What can students do to help promote Northern France abroad? And finally, how can our region help expand the international reach of its schools and universities?



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